When we build a business, we always think beyond our product. The lack of reproductive health care in the U.S. for many, many women is appalling. Today there are an estimated 17.4 million women in need of publicly funded reproductive health and family planning services.

When there is no access to health care, there are high rates of AIDs and other STDs, as well as unplanned teen pregnancy. So much can be avoided when family planning, sex ed, and basic health care services like STD testing and breast examinations are accessible. So we’re donating 10 percent of our pretax profits to women who currently lack this access. Yes, 10 percent.

We decided who to work with as our initial non-profit partners in various ways—we even sit on the boards of some of the organizations—but basically they all have the same mission: each promotes healthy reproductive health care. If you go through the list, you may wonder how some of them fit this description. What does the Breast Cancer Fund have to do with reproductive health care? It’s all connected. They work to remove toxic chemicals from the environment, including ones that can interfere with women’s reproductive systems.

Know an organization you think should apply to be a partner?

Tell us. We are accepting proposals for the 2015 and 2016 via email at [email protected]. Please note that as a young venture, there will be limited funding for the next two years. And we’d be thrilled if other companies also wanted to donate 10%4Women. Join the revolution.