Picture this: You are going about your day, staying cool, calm, and collected, when suddenly, it feels like that scene in The Shining where the waves of blood come crashing out of the elevator is happening in your pants. 😮😱😩

You period strikes again! While this may bring on a wave of fear (especially if you are wearing a brand new pair of white jeans), or a wave of relief (ahh, so that’s why I’ve been having such a devastating existential crisis and cravings for deep fried Oreos this past week), it helps to feel prepared with a tampon or pad on hand. But what about when your period hits and there is no tampon, cup, or liner in sight?


We asked our community to share stories of times they really needed a tampon but didn’t have one. Read below, and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. And if you want to always be prepared, sign up for our period kit subscription to get organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners delivered to your door every 2 months. That way you'll always have the products you want when you need them the most and have one less thing to stress about when your period strikes.


“I was on a boat for the day and got my period–only girl with a group of guys. I had to keep jumping off the boat and into the water to rinse off (moved quickly to not attract sharks 😂) and then we ran across another boat at anchor that we knew, where I found a tampon and then had to hide it in my bikini top, walk through the water and not get wet, find a set of mangroves/tress to hide behind and insert it. The guys never caught on… shocker.”


“I had a tampon with me in my car–but did not bring it inside when I was going to get my nails done. As I was getting called to go sit on the chair where they do my pedicure–I realized I needed a tampon RIGHT AWAY because it was coming down so fast. So I told the pedicure lady that I would be right back as everyone stared at me walking back to my car. I didn't want to grab it from my car only to come back inside to have my pedicure lady wait again while I used their bathroom–because that was too embarrassing for me PLUS she was already waiting for me and I didn’t want her to get upset. So I got into my back seat, and took off my pants and panties to put my tampon in. Oh I forgot to mention–this was all done in the dark at night–so you can only imagine me trying to find the hole, trying to not get my pants/seats dirty, while at the same time thinking of this lady waiting for me to get back to her!! Sheeeesh 😅”


“When I was about to do nude modeling for a figure drawing session at an art center.”


“I was taking a state proctored test and I tried to bring a tampon in with me in case I needed to change during the middle of a 3 hour test. They wouldn’t let me!! And I ended up needing to change so I bled through their expensive testing chairs. I didn’t tell them when I left. I tied my coat around my waist and ended up having to throw out my jeans from the amount of blood stains. That’s what they get for denying me the right to a NEEDED hygiene product! This isn’t something women can control, so they had to throw away a chair and buy a new one.”


“Ugh. On a 9 hour flight to Italy. Had nothing on me and had to roll up airplane toilet paper 😑”


“In the middle of a 6 hour tattoo in a tattoo shop full of boys. Not a woman in site.”


“Oh dear… Well I got my period on my wedding day. And we got married on a cruise ship. So right between the ceremony and cocktail hour I could tell I needed a tampon. Of course they were all up in the room and I was in a ball gown. So I had to make the traditional DIY toilet paper pad to hold me over and pray it didn’t fall out while I mingled for an hour. Thank goodness for bridesmaids who hold your dress up–no matter the circumstances.”


“At my brother’s birthday party with boyfriend, trampoline park, leggings, no tampon. Need I say more?”


“I have a notoriously unpredictable period. I was hiking in the Arizona desert with my uncle. She came. Full force. I had nothing. I had to free bleed into my shorts for two days. And I was terrified that it was gonna make snakes or spiders come for me in my sleep. I really needed a tampon.”

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