Ok, every year is the year of the condom, but as we near the end of January we can’t help but reflect on how much we all need us some condoms this year. Here are three critical reasons to wrap it up in 2016.

Monogamy Isn’t as Safe as Condoms

Ditching condoms for another form of birth control is a mile marker of a monogamous relationship—right up there with the first I love you. Aw. But a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals you might not want to ditch them. According to sex researcher and social psychologist Justin Lehmiller, monogamy is not always a safe bubble. People cheat, and when they do they are less likely to take safety precautions, get tested for STIs, and let their partners know about their straying. Lehmiller’s conclusion? Monogamous couples without condoms may not be as safe as they think. We know your relationship is totally perfect and this will never happen to you, but just in case….

The Pull-Out Method Needs to Stop

Our friends at the women’s fertility app Glow just released data showing 18% of its users listed withdrawal as their primary method of contraception. Guess where condoms ranked? 32% Hear that noise? That’s us pulling our hair out. Please, people. Enough is enough. Only 21% of single women use condoms, more than half of pregnancies are unplanned, and STDs are on the rapid rise—particularly among young women. So read the most recent Centers for Disease Control STI stats for motivation, then stick a condom on it. The end.

Tinder Gets It

The dating/hookup app just added a Health Safety section, which includes information on proper protection and specifically mentions condom use. They even share info on finding free HIV and STD testing—which links to Healthvana, a company that provides software to healthcare providers that is being adopted by HIV and STD testing clinics. (We love that Healthvana’s founder compares his STD app to Uber.) Tinder’s VP of communications and branding, Rosette Pambakian, told the International Business Times: “An important aspect of any healthy relationship—whether formed on Tinder or otherwise—is ensuring sexual health and safety." Hear that other noise? That’s our entire office giving Tinder a standing ovation.

Where Tinder goes, sex follows—this time with a condom.

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