A new year brings fresh opportunities to try new things, take bold chances, or watch the entirety of YOU season 2 in your bed, followed by a date with your favorite vibrator. Your year, your rules! We’re here to help open your eyes to new possibilities around love: the platonic, romantic, surprising, fleeting, passionate, familiar, and all of its rich complexities. Our 2020 Lovescopes is not a to-do list, but a way to shed new light on ideas that have been floating around in your subconscious. ✨Let’s get started! 


January 21 – February 18


There’s been someone new hovering on the outskirts of your life, but you haven’t been sure if you want them in. Maybe it’s because your plate is already full, or you were in the process of ending a different relationship. This person is still patiently waiting in the wings, ready to explore a connection if you are ready. Are you? No need to rush— it’s still January! Take time to feel things out and pursue when you feel fully prepared. 💕


February 19 - March 20


For our Pisces friends, this will be (drumroll please) the year of the sexual journey. What itch have you been dying to scratch? Is it a party for one or with a partner(s)? This year will give you the chance to take a deeper dive into what makes you tick. Whether it’s exploring new sex toys, porn, or positions, be free to let yourself rediscover pleasure. 💥



March 21 - April 20


For our dear Aries, this will be the year to let go. A love lost is just as palpable and all-consuming as a love gained, and accepting the end of a chapter can feel near impossible. But don’t fret! Take this year to release and rebuild. Surround yourself with those who love you unconditionally, and take time to grieve and heal in your own way. Maybe it’s laughing and simultaneously crying at a movie, or talking long walks listening to Lana Del Rey (highly recommended, btw). Whatever you do, fully feel your feelings, even the scary ones, instead of burying them. 💐



April 21 – May 21 


One of your strengths, my dear, confident Taurus, is your ability to meet your partner's needs. Whether it’s emotional or physical, you want to fulfill the needs of others, and in 2020, it’s time to make sure your needs are being met, too. Your partner may not be as aware, and therefore, you’ll need to speak up and be more vocal in what you like. If you’re dying to try a new sex position, or looking to dip your toe in a threesome, or maybe want to add a sex toy to the nightly routine, you have the power to ask for what you want! While it may not be met with the same enthusiasm (which is okay, we all should create our own healthy boundaries after all), being honest about your needs can make room for compromise and open a path for more open communication. 🦁


May 22 – June 21


My feisty, strong Gemini— when it comes to love, you had your guard up for most of 2019, and we’re sure there is a reason. But this year, Gems, is the year of opening up! It’s not going to be easy, but it’s time to draw the curtains, burst open the shutters, and let people smother you with affection (and obviously, consent). Bask in the feeling of being adored by your family, friends, and lovers, and allow yourself to sit in your own vulnerability. You put up a good front, sure, but we know you wouldn’t pass on a foot rub. We’re not gonna do it, but we get a sense you know someone who will. 😉


June 22 – July 22


As the Biebs once said— you should go and love yourself. And while we do realize this song was used in retaliation to a certain ex-girlfriend (#teamSelena) it’s primary message still stands (and let’s face it— it’s a bop. Anyway.) This is the year for self love, dear Cancer, and as we know, self love can take many forms. It can be the decision to make time for therapy once a week. It could be going to the beach every other weekend in the summer to float and sip Coronas. It could be finally dedicating an hour each night to finishing your short novel, or applying for your dream job, or making a pie because it makes you feel calm. So crack open a cold bottle of seltzer and take a deep breath, because this is the year for you. 🥰


July 23 – August 23


In 2019, our dear Leo’s may have experienced a missed connection or two. This makes sense, obvi— you had a busy, complicated year, and found yourself often walking with your head down. Well, in 2020 things are lookin’ up— literally. 😉 Keep your eyes peeled for a new relationship where you least expect it, and watch it blossom before your very eyes! Love often happens when you least expect it, and you’ll experience it first hand this year. Get ready! ⚡️



August 24 – September 22


Sometimes, even when you love someone, it can be hard to keep up with one another. Sometimes a Facebook memory will pop up (or, idk, TikTok?) and you’ll see a pic where you have a bad haircut and shockingly ugly shirt (Lizzie McGuire was curated by stylists and is rarely properly executed IRL) but you’re laughing with someone you love, and you realize it’s been a long time since you’ve caught up. This is the year to reconnect to those close to you that you may not see everyday, and have fun doing it! Reach out and initiate a catch-up call, or pick out a special card and send a sweet handwritten note. Take time to nurse relationships, and we promise you’ll both reap immeasurable rewards. 💌


September 23 – October 23


Sometimes, sweet Libras, when you love others, you share their frustrations and hurt, and feel the need to speak up or get too involved on their behalf. Someone close to you may be on a tumultuous journey this year, and it may be difficult to stand back and watch them go through it. Just remember that you can offer support, sympathy, and constructive conversation (and of course, help if they need it) but you have to let them ride their own wave. When you get too invested in someone else’s ride, sometimes you forget to take your own turn. 🏄🏽‍♀️


October 24 – November 22


Remember playing “never have I ever” in college, and one of your friends had seemingly tried everything, from hooking up in a garden shed to having sex in the back of a pickup truck. Well, my suspicious Scorpios, this year we see you shedding your hesitancy and being a bit more daring in the bedroom and beyond. This year, give in to the sexual temptation that excites you (within reason, of course— let’s not get arrested for public indecency, ok? They might blame this blog), and enjoy the freedom and sensual whimsy that your college friend did. Next time you catch up, see if they’re up for another game of NHIE— we’re sure there will be lots to chat about. 😎


November 23 – December 21


Love comes in many forms, my thoughtful Sagittarius, and this year, you will fall in love with your surroundings. We know, we know, it sounds cheesy, but is there truly anything better than knowing you are exactly where you should be? Whether it’s decorating your living space to your exact taste or taking a trip to a destination that you’ve always wanted to explore (and knew in your heart that you would absolutely love), this year will wrap you in love. Maybe you’ll feel it under the coziness of your comforter, or a walk down your favorite street. You’ll know that moment is meant just for you, and you’ll feel the love. ✨



December 22nd-January 22nd


No matter where you live, there is something about January that makes you want to curl up in your warm, cozy, bed and forget about the rest of the world. We’d credit that to the holiday mayhem from the past two months, and while we do consider laying in bed watching Love Island a winter sport, we don’t want you to miss out on spending time with those you love (and who love you). We know that you work hard and occasionally need those days where you stay curled up, but connecting with close family, friends, and romantic partners is what lights you up. Reach out, and if you’re still in your January funk, invite them over to make fun cocktails and introduce them to Love Island (okay, maybe I should just write a separate post about Love Island. TBD.) Human connection feeds your soul, my sweet, sensitive Cap, so don’t forget to nourish it with a bit of face time. 👯


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