Did you know the average menstruating human spends over 6 years of their life on their period? Yep, 6 years. We think that’s about 2,190 days too many to spend feeling bad. That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 ways to help turn your period 🔴into an exclamation point ❣️(ok, maybe not quite that great, but at least as good as some cool, rare punctuation like a semi-colon ;) 


1. Feeling crampy? Spill the tea 🍵

Did you know: In a study of 150 students, ginger was found to be just as effective at reducing pain from period cramps as Ibuprofen? Alternatively, coffee can actually make cramps, bloating, and headaches worse. So relax, kick back with some ginger tea, a heating pad, and binge-watch some murder-mysteries on Netflix. You are dealing with the bloodiest time of month, after all 🙀.


2. Get to know yourself… intimately 😘

Orgasms can relieve pain from menstrual cramps and give you an all-natural mood boost. During orgasm, your body releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, all feel-good chemicals that help you relax. When you’re ready to get down with your bad self, we have you covered on all bases with our lube (which is sex-toy compatible 💖), condoms, and post-play wipes. Just in case things get messy. 

4. Get active 👟

It may seem counter-intuitive when you’re feeling crampy and tired, but exercise actually relieves painful period-symptoms. Getting sweaty helps reduce bloating, and doing cardio releases endorphins, easing pain. 


5. Indulge in some self-care 💅

After you’re done getting sweaty, clean-up with a relaxing, steamy shower. We recommend using our ginger-citrus body wash for some added aromatherapy, and our organic lip + body balm to moisturize all your chapped bits after. 


6. Use better period products 💖

Who has time for mystery synthetic ingredients? Our tampons and pads are 100% organic cotton, ship free to your door every two months so you never run out, and for a limited-time, are available without a subscription. Bleed easy. 🙌


Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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