This Thanksgiving, the Sustain team got together to talk about the moments that stood out from the last year. From Ruth Ginsberg's dissent to Lena Dunham's vocal cords, here are the 7 things Sustain is especially thankful for.

1. Bedsider's "Thank you Birth Control" Campaign

Birth control makes so many amazing things possible - like, ahem, starting your own company at 27. (Thank you, Meika Hollender!) We're in full support of Bedsider's lighthearted and critically important campaign and loved live-Tweeting about it this month alongside UpWorthy, Refinery29 and Planned Parenthood.

Lena Dunham

2. Lena Dunham's vocal cords

No Sustain thank-you list would be complete without the beautifully outspoken Lena Dunham. From her feminist declaration Not That Kind of Girl to her custom-designed Planned Parenthood shirt (which garnered support from A-listers like Ellen Page and Amy Poehler), we simply love Lena - and everything she speaks out about.

Sex Ed

3. Sex Ed in schools

With World Aids Day less than a week away and STD rates still on the rise, we're thankful for the presence of sex education in schools (in 22 states and counting). It's a good start, but we still have a long way to go.

Cosmo, etc

4. Michelle Lehmann PR

From features in the New York Daily News to Cosmopolitan, we're thankful to our incredible PR team MLC for helping us spread the word about Sustain.

East Los High

4. East Los High

This year, we partnered with celebrated Hulu show East Los High to bring the sexy back into sex ed, a topic you already know how we feel about. Learn more in our blog post, and check out the episode here.


5. Ruth Ginsburg's Dissent 

Back in June, Supreme Court badass Ruth Ginsburg blasted the court's ruling that the government can't require certain employers to provide insurance coverage for methods of birth control and emergency contraception that conflict with their religious beliefs. "The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield," Ginsburg wrote. For that, we salute - and include her - in our "thankful for" list.

Wendy Davis

6. Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis may not have won the election, but we will always admire her as the only candidate in the Texas gubernatorial race to stand with women and protect their right to make their own health care decisions.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

7. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Carcinogen-free condoms seem like a reasonable request, but that's not often the case. Sustain is proud to be nitrosamine-free, and we're eternally thankful to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for their petition to ask the FDA to remove these cancer-causing chemicals from condoms. Sign it now.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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