We can’t deny we think our post-play wipes are kind of genius. Not only are they a first-of-their-kind product designed specifically for ‘post play’ cleanup, but they can also be used for plenty of other things beyond just doing the deed. In launching our new wipes, we talked to people to find out what they used to clean up, before ‘post play’ came around. Check out what we heard…

Bath Towel

First of all, a bath towel is huge. And scratchy. And if you’re enjoying sex on the reg, do you really have enough bath towels to support this habit? We definitely don’t.


Okay sure, when we bring up socks, the first thing to cross your mind more than likely involves a hand, some lube, those socks and…one person. But hey—people gotta do what people gotta do. But from now on, socks are for your feet...k?


Just the right size, but so not strong enough for the job. And is it just us, or do you find yourself using half the box when you’re on clean-up duty?


You may think we’re kidding, but we know people who have done this! Sometimes a t-shirt is simply the closest thing or the easiest thing to grab. But even if you wash it…will you ever be able to look at that t-shirt (or wear it) the same way?


If it seems like there’s little mess made and it’ll just blend in, think again. Also, washing your sheets after every time you do whats natural isn’t what we’d call sustainable.

Vaginal wipes

A close runner up to what we’ve got goin’ on, vaginal wipes are great—moist and just the right size—but here’s where you need to be careful…many wipes contain a lot of harmful ingredients that you most definitely do not want down there.

Paper towel

We don’t care which is stronger…Bounty or Brawny or Scott…all we have to say is “OUCH!”

Clorox wipes

Just please tell us you didn’t use the ones with bleach down there. Please.

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Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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