Taking the first step towards freely and adventurously exploring your sexuality when you are LGBTQIA+ can be exhilarating and exciting, but also has the potential to be intimidating without an encouraging community or open space to do so. In their 2015 National School Climate Survey, GLSEN reported that only 12 percent of millennials said their sex education classes covered same-sex relationships. Not only is the lack of visibility and information isolating, but it also fails to equip young people with key educational resources and tools as they come into their sexuality. Because the vast majority of our education system fails to provide inclusive sex education, it’s important for us to foster welcoming spaces to do so, with advice from folks who have had similar experiences. 


We reached out to our community through Instagram Stories to ask what advice they have for folks who are exploring their sexuality for the first time, and below are some of our favorite responses and advice. 


Enjoy, and if you have your own advice or thoughts to add, please do in the comments!


“Have fun, be safe, and be adventurous! Have a network of people who love you for you!”


“Your queerness doesn’t have to match an experience or look.” 


“If you’re queer and you enter a hetero relationship, it helps if they are aware of LGBTQ matters.” 


“Find someone who respects you and your boundaries to experiment/explore new things!” 


“Try going out to queer pubs, workshops, and spaces! Talk with lovely, like-minded people!”


“Mindful masterbation will tell you loads about your sexuality/current sex life.” 


“Don’t judge yourself, and know it’s okay to say yes as well as no!” 


“It is okay not to be sure! Identity is fluid, and changing your mind does not make you a liar.”


“Never put pressure on yourself to choose an identity or label. You will evolve, and that’s okay.”


“Explore your sexuality not solely for the goal of labeling yourself.”


“Detach from those committed to misunderstanding you.”


“Don’t expect your sexuality to look like others’. Your own sexuality is unique. Explore without fear.”


Happy exploring! Shop condoms and lube.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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