Dear Meika,

How should I approach having a conversation with my sexual partner/significant other about finding out I have HPV?

I went through something like this where it was the most difficult thing to deal with. Both personally and for the other person, I didn't know how to emotionally handle it because it's not as discussed as it should be yet it is so common.

I look forward to seeing this getting attention!


HP Vixen


Hey HP Vixen,

So first off, it's very important to understand that HPV is very very common. Almost everyone at some point in their life gets HPV. So, while it's important to get tested regularly, and if you do find out you have HPV, figure out which type of HPV you have (there are many), it is nothing to be ashamed of. Take a deep breath, educate yourself, and then get talking with your partner.

Sharing your test results with a partner can feel like a big burden, but don't let it be! Communication is critical for any relationship that involves sex (and even ones that don't), so talking openly and honestly about STD/STIs should be as frequent and common as talking about what makes you feel good, and what you want more of.

Learn more about HPV, and how to treat it, here.

Hope this helps!

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