It wouldn’t be a real piece about erogenous zones if we didn’t hearken back to Monica Geller’s historic demonstration in season four of “Friends,” when she explains to Chandler the multiplicity of ways to please the woman he’s falling in love with. “A 1, a 1-2, a 1-2-3,” etc. etc. We all have a lot to thank Monica for now that we’ve grown up a bit.


Friends aside, female anatomy is incredible; there are so many different ways for women to experience pleasure. All of that possibility, however, can feel a bit overwhelming. Here, we’ll break down what the erogenous zones are and why they’re all equally important to learn how to stimulate and appreciate.


From the beginning! The term “erogenous zone” applies to people of all genders and simply refers to the parts of the body that experience heightened sensitivity and/or signal sexual arousal of some kind. These zones are found all over the body, and are far more complex and intricate than just the genitals. Ever wondered why it feels so good to have others play with your hair? Erogenous zone. Shoulder rubs? Erogenous zone. Temple massage? Erogenous zone. All roads lead to the zones.


The more prominent erogenous zones are the more obvious ones: parts of the vulva and the entire clitoris are erogenous zones, and the lower third of the vagina (the entrance) has a whole cluster of nerve endings that can make sexual activity highly stimulating. The “G Spot,” supposedly located on the anterior wall of the vagina, is a rather controversial entity from which not all women and owners of vaginas have reported receiving sexual pleasure (that being said, it’s important to remember that all bodies are different and what might provide intense stimulation for some might feel like a minor tickle to others), but historically it has generally been considered an erogenous zone and a place from which stimulation leads to orgasm and even female ejaculation.


Other erogenous zones may also seem obvious, such as the areola and the nipple. The pleasure experienced from this zone also varies from person to person; however, some people have reported reaching orgasm through nipple stimulation alone, which is a testament to the power of this lovely little pair of erogenous zones. Light nibbling, sucking, licking, and caressing of the areola and nipple can be extremely pleasurable for the receiver, but the desired intensity of such actions is entirely individual.


Some of the underdog zones--those that are often forgotten about in favor of the heavy hitters below the belt--include things as obvious as:


The lips

  • Kissing is fantastic, but sometimes slowing down and brushing a finger over your partner’s lips can be a tantalizing addition to sex.

The scalp

  • While it can sometimes be a subconscious expression of pleasure to run your fingers through your partner’s hair, or even pull a bit at their hair, sometimes things can really heat up when your finger-running gets more intentional. Try a light scalp massage (but not in a weird way) during your next make-out session.

The neck

  • Hickies are considered by many to be too juvenile (umm, lame), but that shouldn’t mean that necks get tossed aside. Kissing each other’s necks can be very hot even without the biting, as can brushing your hand over someone’s neck, or tracing the sides and the front with your finger, and even just breathing on someone’s neck can be a major turn-on.

The ears

  • Ah, yes. The ears. Handle the ears right and you’ll be set for life. Of course, there’s a way to play with someone’s ear that isn’t creepy or gross, but the line is fine and there are plenty of people who would rather you just keep your distance from their hearers. If your partner(s) is/are into it, gently nibbling, licking, sucking, brushing a finger along the side, and breathing into their ears is a massive turn-on that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why do you thinking whispering is so damn sexy!?

The navel

  • Okay sure, it’s somewhat close to the crotch so this makes sense, but the navel and the lower abdomen are hotspots for the ages. A classic move is to kiss your partner’s body on your way down to perform oral sex, but many people don’t realize that actually stopping around the lower abdomen for a few extra kisses can be extra arousing for some people. Plus, that built-up anticipation for what comes next will be at an all-time high.

The arms

  • We’re probably all guilty of neglecting the arms at some point or another. An unsuspecting e-zone, the arms (especially the softer, fleshy sides) have a whole bunch of nerve endings just waiting for a sweet caress. Try slowly kissing the inside of your partner’s arms for a sensuous pause during something more intense. The tips of fingers can also be a sexy spot to kiss!

The feet

  • This last one is nothing if not controversial--some people are feet enthusiasts, while others have a strict no-feet-where-you-eat policy. A foot massage, however, can be a nice happy medium. If your partner(s) are into it, go for a nice little kiss on the bottoms of the feet or on the toes to start. If not, above-ankle action is just as fun.


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Written by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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