So the sex is running a little dry, literally, and you want to take it to the tub. Shower sex (and to be clear, there are plenty of ways to get intimate in the shower that don’t involve penis-in-vagina or penis-in-booty action, but that’s our focus for today) is not only an incredible way to steam up your love life, it’s an excellent time-saver and a multi-tasker’s bang of choice. But, since you’re a safe and responsible consenting adult who cares about yours and your partner’s health as much as you care about getting sudsy and sexy, you need some tips on how to practice safe P-in-V and/or P-in-B sex in the shower. That’s where we come in.

First of all, though counterintuitive, it is indeed true: water in the shower actually makes your naughty bits drier. Doesn’t matter how excited you both are getting, if you try to insert a penis into a vagina without any lube in the shower, you’re going to be under water—figuratively, of course. Make sure that you have plenty of water-based lube on hand for this reason, like our tried-and-true Unscented Organic Lubricant. Oil-based lubes are a general no-no as they can degrade condoms, but they’re to be avoided in the shower especially, as they’re rendered virtually useless once in contact with water. And this brings us to the condoms.

So that there’s simply no excuse to forgo using one, get a condom out before your shower sesh and place it near the tub, like on the sink (you can even open it beforehand if you’re in a real hurry!), otherwise you and your partner might feel less inclined to get out of the warm shower to go find protection in the time of need. Separately, just as oil-based lubes can degrade the quality of the condom, so too can certain shampoos and body washes. To be safe, make sure that no substances are coming in contact with the condom other than your trusty water-based lube. Similarly, not only will shampoos degrade the quality of the condom, they could cause infections or irritations if accidentally inserted inside the vagina, so just generally try to steer clear. Keep it safe with our Ultra-Thin Organic Lubricated Condoms that won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause any discomfort.

And lastly, don’t slip! Try to keep your feet on the ground unless you’re feeling extra brave (and not opposed to a potential trip to the emergency room #spontaneous #fun #sexy). Keep it safe, keep it soapy, and keep it sexy, y’all.


Written by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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