Face-sitting (also known as face-riding) is a sex position that almost feels like the quiet, younger sibling of the older, perhaps more popular Cowgirl position. Not only is there a lack of information about it online, but it can often push people out of their comfort zones to jump in, genitals-first.

This position is an excellent form of oral pleasure, can ignite inner boldness and confidence, and even give your thighs a workout if you’re on top! We think it deserves more attention and credit, so we’re diving into Face-Sitting 101, so you can try and enjoy for yourself.

What is face-sitting?

Face-Sitting is an oral sex position that will be approached by you and your partner from totally different perspectives. One person lays down and positions their face directly under the genitals of their partner, who is hovering from above, and performs oral sex. The partner receiving should gently kneel over their partners face, with their head directly between their legs. There is nothing subtle about this position, folks— it’s a confident and direct approach to oral. Once you’re sitting, feel free to change directions (it’s fun to switch it up!) and tell your partner what feels good.

For those with vaginas on top, your partner can lick, suck, and pleasure the clit and lips on the vagina. For those with a penis, dangle your balls over your partner for stimulating sucking and tongue play. From this position, it’s not possible for your partner to suck a penis while sitting on top of them (but hey, if anyone has ever accomplished this, please reach out and teach us your ways), so this position gives your balls a chance to be center stage!

How much weight should I put on my partner?

Now here’s where the contradiction comes in! While it may be called “Face-Sitting”, you don’t actually want to fully sit on your partners face, as they might not be able to breathe. Hover and kneel, keeping the weight in your legs and not on your partners face. That way, they can focus on getting you off, while you get a little strengthening workout in the process.

A popular position within BDSM culture is “Smothering”, when the receiver fully sits and puts their entire weight on their partners face. If this seems like a playful option for you and your partner, chat about it first so they’re prepared and willing to participate.

Are we just talking vaginas and balls, or….

While vaginas ‘n’ balls are the most commonly ordered item during face-sitting, there is certainly more on the menu! Move your body around so your partner is pleasuring your perineum, anus, or wherever else you’d like some attention. We’d suggest giving them a heads up first, though, so they’re consenting to licking any new areas of your body before being properly introduced.

Should you cum while face-sitting?

This question commonly applies to those with vaginas, as you’ll be directly cumming over your partners face. Our first instinct is to say “HELL YEAH”, but we do recommend giving your partner a warning first (consent is not only sexy, but required by law!!). This can obviously be done in a sexy, organic way (perhaps a breathy “I’m cumming!” rather than “Hey, I may cum in a moment, should we discuss?” but whatever makes the most sense for you and your partner is best!

Do you have any tips, tricks, or overall thoughts on face-sitting that you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments!

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