You can pretzel your way through the Kama Sutra, and contort yourselves into the most unusual sex positions, but most of us don’t have such unusual sexual needs. We just want to feel pleasure, give pleasure, and share it, yet in order to get to that happy place you often need to get specific with the way you have sex. 


You might love missionary or maybe you can’t get enough of bend over boyfriend—what counts is that you connect deeply, ecstatically, and safely with your partner, if only for one night. So here’s a selection of unusual sex positions (some of which might seem vanilla at first) that target specific pleasure hotspots.


Best Sex to Hit the Clit

This is a variation of the missionary position known as the coital alignment technique, or grinding the corn, and allows a penis or strap-on to enter the vagina from an angle that stimulates the clitoris—which is always a win.


Start by aligning yourselves as if you’re about to do missionary. The woman lies on her back with her legs spread enough for her partner to lie between her knees. Maintain skin-on-skin contact as the penetrating partner moves upwards along the woman’s body until the “erection” is pointing down instead of up.


Thrusting movement is leveraged from our pelvises rather than your arms or legs. The partner on top will drive the downward stroke and the woman will drive the upward stroke. The back wall of the vagina will get some serious attention along with the clit for a double whammy. What’s more, this is a super intimate position as you both maintain maximum body contact.

Best Sex for the Female G-Spot

The Down Stroke is a great position for women who want to revel in some G-spot delight while feeling submissive. Movement may be restricted, but she’ll get the benefits of deep penetration and the tight thrust of legs-together vaginal entry. 


To begin, the receiving partner lies on her back with her butt at the edge of the bed or couch. She places her feet flat on the floor shoulder width apart while the top half of her body rests comfortably on the furniture.


Now the partner with the penis steps between her legs and lifts them up into the air while holding them together—maybe even crossing them at the ankles for an even narrower fit. If the penetrating partner gets the thrusting right, they’ll hit the G-spot with a consistent pressure and rhythm. 


Best Sex for Danger Lovers

If a little bit of danger gets you off, then the Triple Lindy is definitely for you. Strength is most certainly required of both partners, particularly in and around the penis, as it will essentially carry most of the woman’s body weight. Flexibility is also essential as is a cavalier attitude and sense of humor.   


The woman stands with her back to her partner’s chest so they can lift her up high enough to the point of insertion. She sweeps her legs back as her partner holds her upper body in place. Some essential levering action is then required as the penetrating partner leans back, maybe bending their legs slightly, to balance out the woman’s weight. The penis is essentially the pivot.


It’s risky stuff, so make sure you have plenty of space to give it a proper go in the full knowledge that you will fall over. Move any furniture with sharp corners well out of the way and cover the floor with soft blankets or cushions. Most of all, take your time, assuming you have it. 


Best Sex for a Quickie

No matter how busy your schedule, you can always make time for sex—especially when it comes to the reverse sitting position. All you need is your pants or panties pulled down, and access to a chair, a bed, some stairs, or any elevated platform that allows the penetrating partner’s feet to reach the floor when they sit down. The woman lowers herself onto the penis with her back facing her partner, learning forward slightly to ease entry.    


You can go as hard and fast as you like since you’ll both get good purchase from having your feet planted firmly on the floor. This allows for deep penetration. The woman will stay in control while her partner admires her gyrating butt, and perhaps reaches round to play with her nipples or clit—it’s quick, but effective.


Best Sex for the Male G-Spot

So far so focused on the vagina, but what about penetrating your male partner? The male anus is a hot bed of explosive nerve endings and home to the prostate gland, a major pleasure zone. You’ll find it about two inches inside the rectum.   


You can certainly stimulate it externally, but sensation is way more intense when the G-spot is stimulated from the inside. If you’re new to your partner’s butthole, it’s best to start with your fingers way before you reach for the strap-on. 


Grab some lube, since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, and gently finger his anus to find his happy spots. You can also get fingering during oral or vaginal sex for added sensation—assuming you’re in a face-to-face position. 


When he’s ready for full penetration, grab a dildo and go for it, remembering that communication is key, as you’ll have no guiding sensations while you thrust. Doggy style seems to be the default position for pegging (hence the name, “bend over boyfriend”), but you could experiment with a reverse cowboy or reverse sitting position, giving him control of angle and rhythm. Entry can also be easier if the receiving partner lies on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest, allowing the giver to set the pace and go a little deeper, if desired.

Ready for some sex? Don't forget condoms and lube.

Written by Jo Murphy

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