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Our 5 Fave Condom Articles of All Time

#Didyouknow that holiday weekends are when condoms sales regularly see a huge upswing? We suppose this isn’t much of a surprise to much of, well, anyone, considering that an extra day off from work means more time for extracurricular plans. Plus, doesn’t just the word holiday get you in a freewheeling, devil may care, let’s do it kinda mood?

In honor of this holiday of all holiday weekends coming up, here are what we consider our 5 Fave Condom Articles of all time. No reason why you can’t be sexy AND safe: as the trending hashtag says, #safesexisgreatsex after all. Enjoy and have a happy, sexy Fourth of July! (We certainly will).

1. Am I The Last Woman Using Condoms?

In this honest and scarily true to life essay for Marie Claire, Whitney Joiner wonders why more women don’t carry condoms--or find it liberating when they do.

2. New York Cops Will Arrest You For Carrying Condoms

In a column for VICE, Molly Crabapple delves into why carrying condoms in NYC makes you a target. Just recently, the NYPD announced it would no longer use unused condoms as evidence in prostitution cases, but advocates are still fighting to ban the use of condoms as evidence in New York courts in prostitution crimes. Although a bill banning the use passed in the State Assembly on June 21st, it still has yet to be passed in the Senate. Check out for updates on the legislation.

3. 13 of The Weirdest Themed, Novelty And Flavored Condoms Ever

To us, this post just proves our mantra in all things life, love and sex: #dowhatsnatural people. (Seriously, Bacon-flavored condoms? Why? WHY?).

Meika & Jeffrey Hollender

4. Sustainability--And Marketing to Women--Comes to Condoms.

Wow, it’s a condom that’s fair trade, vegan certified, sustainable and sends an empowering message to women? That’s an awesome condom, where can we get it? Wait a second...those people in the picture look familiar. Oh, those are our co-founders Meika and Jeffrey Hollender? Oh really, this article is about us? Well, who are we to argue with Google News Alerts when it suggests a significant condom story?

Cindy Gallop

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5. Make Condom Hot Love Not Porn

One of our favorite women on top, Cindy Gallop explains how while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation condom innovation initiative is all well and good, true change has to come from innovating people’s attitudes, not just invention.

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