Here at Sustain, we love chatting with innovative, inspirational women—especially when it comes to getting real about women's health -- and our friends Alex Friedman and Jordana Kierco-founders of LOLA tampons, are exactly that. The FDA doesn't require tampon brands to disclose comprehensive ingredients, so they went and created an all-natural 100% cotton tampon that's not only better for you, it's better for the environment...And it's taking the country by storm. We had to learn more about how these two girlbosses kick ass, take names and #getontop. Read on:

I hail from...

Alex: New York, New York

Jordana: The exotic island of Manhattan.

What my LinkedIn says I do...

Alex: Co-Founder of LOLA

Jordana: Co-Founder of LOLA

What I say I do...

Alex: Literally talk about tampons all day.

Jordana: Navigate the world of feminine care and ingredient transparency with a merry band of badasses.

Being a feminist means...

Alex: Believing that women deserve equal rights to men. The word is overly politicized. Who isn’t a feminist?

Jordana: Having control over what you put in your body.

My digs are...

Alex: A walk-up in Brooklyn Heights.

Jordana: Filled with too many frozen bananas for morning protein smoothies. (Insert pun here.)

When we say condoms you say...

Alex: Tampons! Different product, same destination.

Jordana: It’s perfectly natural!

What keeps me up at night is...

Alex: How to get women talking about unsexy topics - like feminine hygiene.

Jordana: Accounting! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. (I’m the team nerd.)

I can't live without...

Alex: Salads. No, wait, I CAN live without salads. Can you pass the chow fun?

Jordana: Mid-day snacks and Google Calendar

My mantra is...

Alex: "Let’s do this!" I like to always be moving toward something.

Jordana: "Everything's coming up LOLA!" I figure if I say it, it will come.

I get on top by...

Alex: Surrounding myself with talented do-ers. Team is everything.

Jordana: Expecting and accepting nothing but the best from everyone around me.

To learn more about what Alex and Jordana are doing, head on over to

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