Chloé Jo Davis, founder of the "Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living" daily blog Girlie Girl Army is anything but ordinary. The mother of three, vegan, eco-friendly fashion blogger is smart, passionate, active and...knows just how to make green living sexy. Obviously, we're obsessed. We talked to Chloé Jo about her crazy busy life—how she lives, how she loves and how she gets on top. Read on:

I hail from…
Liverpool, England til the age of four, then NYC til forever.

My digs are now…
The Upper East Side of NYC

What my LinkedIn says I do…
I'm the Founder and Publisher of; The Glamazon Guide To Green Living, and a Conscious Living Expert. I'm a spokesperson for conscious, plant-based living and attachment parenting.

What I say I do... has my heart; I've been doing it 15 years and consider myself an OG of sexy consciousness. But I am also the breastfeeding mom of three boys under the age of five (!), a wife, and a cheerleader for my husbands's businesses, including a very hot bespoke custom Rolex company called Tempus Machina.

My desk is…
A little corner I sneak over to once all my boys are asleep, if I'm lucky, for an hour at night.

When we say ‘condom’ you say…
What's a condom? JK. but I have been pregnant and nursing for six years straight so obviously I haven't been your company's best customer ;)

What’s in my bag right now is…
Seventh Generation diapers for the infant, Seventh Generation pull ups for the older baby, BPA-free teething toys, Armour Beauty lipgloss, wipes, a stray piece of vintage jewelry in case I want to feel pretty mid-day, Bamba (an Israeli peanut snack my boys are in love with), Laiki crackers (amazing natural version of Bugles), Larabars, Seaweed Snacks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sippy cups, an iPhone and wallet.

The song that’s stuck in my head…
Zenith by Huntress

My mantra is….
Don't stop til you get enough.

How do you get on top?
By doing more than I need to do and going above and beyond to make others happy. Giving back turns me on.

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