Jessie Groveman and Tara Sowlaty are the glowy duo behind the lifestyle website How You Glow. It’s all about health, inspiration, nourishment, and living a vibrant life. One sentence from their website you need to read: “We empower our readers to live delicious lives that make them light up from within.” Clearly these are women who know how to get on top, so we asked them how they do just that.

I hail from...

Jessie: Larchmont, N.Y.

Tara: LA, city of angels, born and raised.

What my LinkedIn says I do…

Jessie: Creative Art Therapist, Yoga Teacher & co-founder of How You Glow.

Tara: Hmm, I honestly have no clue! I never really got into LinkedIn and always mentally blocked it out for some reason.

What I say I do...

Jessie: Seek and share the GLOW wherever I go.

Tara: I’m a natural foods chef, holistic nutritionist, and co-founder of How You Glow — a lifestyle source of inspiration on how to find vibrancy in everyday life :)

Being a feminist means…

Jessie: Being confident, graceful and unapologetic.

Tara: Being a boss in everything you do, with kindness, beauty, and lots of love.

My digs are…

Jessie: Beachy! I live in a dreamy beach cottage in Santa Monica with my boyfriend and the only problem is that we literally never want to leave. We watch the waves crash from our window and sleep in an all white sky lit loft. Pretty magical.

Tara: My COZY happy place—I’m obsessed with my bed and being in it with my boyfriend. The vibe is on the minimalist end, white couch, white sheets, brass accents, lavender, crystals, sage bundles, dried flowers, succulents, and some fun rugs from Morocco.

When we say condoms you say...

Jessie: Sustain :)

Tara: V. necessary at this moment in time in life.

What keeps me up at night is…

Jessie: Thinking about coffee and what I’m going to eat for breakfast in the morning.

Tara: If I’m up late it’s usually because I’m either on the internet, listening to good tunes, drinking and dancing :)

I can't live without…

Jessie: LOVE, yoga, the ocean, music, avocados, coconut oil, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, candles.

Tara: The ones I love foremost…chocolate, wine, rose jam, figs, good tunes, a good sweat, massages, and nature.

My mantra is...

Jessie: Give less f*cks.

Tara: Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.

I get on top by...

Jessie: Putting positive vibes out into the world, and in return I get them back twofold.

Tara: Being my glowiest self, finding happiness from within and letting that shine outwards.

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