Sustain took a little trip down to Snowshoe, West Virginia last weekend for the Wanderlust Snowshoe yoga festival. Pun totally intended, it was nothing short of "om"mazing. We're talking happy babies galore (literally), some surfboard yoga and of course, handing out thousands of Sustain condoms to guests.

Weren't able to make it this time around? Worry not -- we've put together a few of our favorite weekend highlights. Check 'em out:

Snowshoe, West Virginia: a green scene where you simply can't resist doing what's natural.

Wristband? Check. Let's get it on.

Guests stopped by the Sustain booth to take a picture in their favorite position...

This blows the lid off the meaning of "happy baby." Obsessed.

The answer seemed obvious ;)

Meika Hollender

Look familiar? That's none other than co-founder Meika Hollender in full yogi mode.

What better way to unwind than with a little #surfbort action?


Of course, the weekend ended with a namaste and a promise: you will definitely be seeing us #dowhatsnatural at Wanderlust next year!

See the rest of the trip photos in our Wanderlust Snowshoe Facebook album!

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