With the Republican and Democratic conventions wrapped up, there are clearly still more than a few undecided voters out there. In case you’re on the fence, here are how the nominees stack up on reproductive rights and women’s sexual health policy.


HRC & Kaine


Hillary Clinton is pro-choice and has a long and strong record supporting women’s health. She has been enthusiastically endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Clinton has been working on abortion and family planning access, gender pay inequality, and more for years. She has ensured reproductive health play a role during the current presidential debates. A few highlights in a long pro-women career: While in the Senate, Clinton sponsored the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies Act to make sure emergency contraception would be available at military treatment facilities for victims of sexual assault. She also helped launch the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.


Tim Kaine has personal opinions about abortion he has been clear about but says, especially in recent years, that he does not allow them to spill over to public policy. Still, he does not share Hillary Clinton’s consistent progressive track record on women’s rights. He has sought to reduce the number of abortions through education programs advocating adoption and abstinence. Kaine's support of both the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds for abortion, and Clinton's intention to repeal the Hyde Amendment is confusing. Even so, Planned Parenthood is vocally supporting him.



Trump & Pence


Donald Trump’s stance on women’s health over the years has been inconsistent. Currently he is pro-life. He is also on record saying he will appoint conservative justices that will overturn Roe v. Wade. He has also said women should be punished for illegal abortions, if they get outlawed in the future. He has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood and has offered no official policy on birth control. While Trump has never held a political position, in the private sector, he has stated that a pregnant woman is an “inconvenience” for her employers and that putting a wife to work is “dangerous.”


Donald Trump’s VP pick is notoriously not a champion of women's rights, including the fact that he has voted against multiple fair pay measures over the years. He has said a Trump presidency would be a pro-life one and abortion law will end in history’s “ash heap.” Mike Pence personally signed one of the strictest laws in the nation—since blocked as it’s being challenged in court—banning abortions for fetal genetic defects. And he believes condoms are poor protection against STDs.

Now that you know, get out there and vote.

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