April 1 marks the start of STD Awareness Month, a subject we discuss often here at Sustain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports an astounding rate of STI infections, with 50% of all sexually active individuals experiencing an STI at some point in their lives (many of which will go undiagnosed). There are 20 million new cases of STIs reported every year, equating to 54,000 cases per day. Furthermore, half of all STIs occur in people 25 and under. Perhaps most shocking is that 30% of young adults say they know little or nothing about condoms.

As we see it today, the greatest challenge in addressing the problem of STIs is educating people about the need to get tested. One of our focuses is helping people find centers for both testing and treatment.

This is a goal we take seriously. As a company, we've undertaken various education, outreach, marketing and patient recruitment efforts as part of our 10%4Women program toward STI prevention and treatment. Through these efforts, we strive to serve young people who are at risk of underutilizing preventive care, especially STI education, testing and treatment. It's care that protects their health and their futures.

Sustain is proud to fund STI testing and treatment at the following health centers:

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest

Planned Parenthood of the South Atlantic

We invite you to the join the conversation, and find a facility nearest you.

Sheila Hollender, Co-Founder and President, Sustain Condoms

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