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Can we talk? No really. Can you spare about 10 seconds to help me make sure women everywhere are practicing safe sex? With your help, that’s how long it will take to get 100,000 women to take charge of their sexual health.

Let me explain.

I have personally launched a campaign to get women talking about safe sex.

Because only 21% of single women use condoms.

Because 48% of pregnancies are unplanned.

Because 1 in 4 college freshmen contract an STD.

Because that’s just not okay.

To get the conversation, and the campaign started, my friends and I filmed a super short video saying it’s time for women to take their sexual health into their own hands. I’ve launched this campaign during National Women’s Health week because it just makes sense for national discussions about women’s health to include our sexual health.

With your voice we can reach the goal of 100,000 pledges. That’s 100,000 women practicing and talking about safe sex. That’s 100,000 women taking control of their sexual health. That’s 100,000 women deciding for themselves if and when they have children.

I sell condoms. But this isn’t about selling condoms. I'm doing this because this is what gets me up in the morning. I’m doing this because I really truly deeply believe together we can create a world where women feel good about taking control of this critical aspect of their lives.

Your participation means the world to me.

Pledge to Get On Top and practice safe sex HERE.

For every pledge, we’ll donate a condom to a young woman in partnership with Bedsider and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. These kickass organizations ensure that young women everywhere have the information they need to decide if and when they are ready to have children.

Together, we can remove the stigma surrounding women and good, safe sex. Thank you for lending your voice.

With gratitude and love,

Meika Hollender

Co-Founder, Sustain Natural

Meika and Miki

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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