If you’re not a morning person—and that’s a lot of us—the very idea of a “morning wellness routine” is a joke. Meditation, yoga, hot water with lemon, oil pulling, and a zillion other amazing/productive/wonderful ways to start your day? Not for you. Trying to eat something healthy and take a shower before running out the door to work is more like it.

Well here’s news that might make a morning person out of even the unlikeliest candidate: Morning sex is really good for you. It can boost your immune system, cut your risk of stroke, and even make you more attractive.

Actual scientific research backs up these fun claims. We know how great sex is for us overall, so it’s really no surprise doing it in the morning is beneficial, too. Also? Men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning, which actually means they can last longer—if you have the time for more than a quickie.

Here are other ways a morning romp might do you right. It can:

*Wake you up and boost your brain (better than coffee!)

*Make you feel more connected to/happy about your partner

*Improve your mood (especially if you orgasm, which releases serotonin/a happy chemical)

*Relax you—especially great before a stressful day

And yet, morning sex is not universally adored. According to one report, only 33 percent of adults prefer morning sex to evening sex. It’s time to get that number up. Because the early bird truly does catch the worm. (Sorry, we had to.) And because you have nothing to lose—and a lot to gain—by giving it a try. Just remember to #wrapitup for safety.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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