Summer’s fading into fall, the air is getting crisper and we’re swapping our sundresses for all things flannel.  If you’re single, you know this time of year as Cuffing Season.  Yep, that’s right.  Cuffing Season is very much a real thing and you very much have a choice whether or not to partake in it.  For some singles, Cuffing Season provides an opportunity to scoop up a cuddle buddy and Netflix and Chill all winter long. For others, it’s a guaranteed FWB they can call after the bars and maybe grab breakfast with the next morning.  Regardless, it’s important not to let your newfound relationship deter you from sticking to a self-care routine.  Now more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy mind and body in order to survive what Cuffing Season may bring.

Like other romantic relationships you’ve experienced in the past, it’s likely things will get hot and heavy between you and your cuff.  After all, we know what Netflix and Chill really means.  That said, you’ve got to establish some self-care boundaries and be sure your partner(s) is doing the same.  For example, something as simple as taking a multivitamin daily can decrease your chances of catching any viruses that may be circulating with the colder weather coming in. Maintaining oral health is also crucial this time of year.  You don’t want anything to keep you and your partner from those hot and heavy make out sessions! 

Being with someone totally new during Cuffing Season may bring out your freaky side.  Whether it’s different positions or obscure locations, before you find yourself twisted up like a pretzel in a mall parking lot, it’s important to develop some health conscious-boundaries in the bedroom. Contraception is key during Cuffing Season. If you’re comfortable enough to get it on, you’ve got to be comfortable enough to approach topics such as getting tested for STDs and using protection!  Have the talk before you get intimate, that way there are no unanswered questions on either end. Like all sexual activities, those during Cuffing Season should be enjoyable and consensual.

If you’re a free-spirit who’s okay with keeping things short and sweet, Cuffing Season may be the answer for you.  This season typically starts in October and ends in March, just in time for the weather outdoors to start warming up.  While there’s certainly no guarantee you and your s/o won’t make it past Cuffing Season, there are definitely some telltale signs it’ll be over by the time the leaves start growing back on the trees. If you’re not looking for monogamy or the person you see yourself settling down with and just want to have some fun and keep warm all winter, you’re the perfect candidate and you should cuff away ASAP.  Just don’t forget to practice self-care during Cuffing Season and all seasons.  Although sex is great, a healthy mind and body should be your number one priority.


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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