In honor of Halloween, we wanted to dive into the ~*spookier*~ side of how our culture views sex. Below are some weird (but true!) facts.


1. The clitoris was totally ghosted by the medical community

We can’t stop praising the clitoris. It is one of the most fun body parts, being that it’s sole purpose is to provide sensation and pleasure. However, people didn’t always appreciate this Sextremely important body part. An early edition of Gray’s Anatomy, the influential medical textbook, removed the clitoris and pubic hair from diagrams of the female vagina. And if that isn’t scary enough, it wasn’t until 2005 that badass scientist Helen O’Connell discovered the full extent of the female pleasure system, showing that the clitoris extends into the body and is twice as large as the medical community originally thought.

2. Carrying a condom in certain cities could, up until recently, get you arrested

This is horrifying and completely unjust, but true. In New York City, up until 2014, unused condoms could be confiscated as evidence of prostitution by people suspected to be sex workers. Even if an arrest wasn’t made, confiscation of condoms was also standard practice, which is terrible because it puts people’s health at risk and discourages safer sex practices. In a survey of more than 60 sex workers in NYC, more than half reported having condoms confiscated by the police.

Luckily, due to the important and hard work of advocacy groups, this policy was changed in 2014.

3. A kiss is worth a thousand germs

Did you know that for every totally romantic, movie-worthy, fireworks sparking kiss you share with your partner, somewhere between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria are exchanged? Who knew that within every romcom was a buddy road trip movie staring a busload of bacteria.

4. Thinking of having sex with Satan? Remember to use a condom!

Listen, we deeply believe that you should use protection every. single. time. you have sex, but in Bakersfield, California, it’s a crime if you don’t use protection when having sex with Satan. Weird, but true!

5. Your partner *might* be thinking of someone else during sex 😱

In a study of over 1,300 people, 46% of women and 42% of men said they have fantasized about being with someone else while having sex with their partner. While fantasizing during sex is normal, and sometimes thinking about someone other than your partner isn’t a sign of an unhealthy relationship, it’s a bit scary to think about!


Have a great halloween, and remember to protect yourself. ⚡️

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