We read a recent press release in Reuters, that peaked our interest, specifically because of this one little fact about lubricants:

"Millennials are using lubricants more now than they did in past years, with 43 percent reporting lubricant usage as part of their sexual routine." - Reuters Press Release, July 27, 2015

With this in mind, we went out and talked to real millennial women to get real opinions about lubricants: Do they use it? When? What do they like about it? What don't they like about it?

Lucky for us, women were more than happy to open up and talk about their opinions about lube. Below are the exact responses from some of the millennial women we surveyed:

"Love lube! I don't like how it pills up if you have extra on your hands. I also don't like that sometimes the containers it comes in dispense too little or too much product at a time - it shouldn't be that hard to develop a container that allows you to be more precise."

"I use it and love it."

"Don't use it, but feel like I would. Honestly isn't it an admission of lack of "getting wet" as a girl? And kind of a turn off for guys? But I think that I would like it and would use it. I also think it is kind of gross, and would sting and make me more susceptible to a UTI? Or some other painful irritation? Totally open to trying it but just have too many negative assumptions."

"I love that it allows me and my boyfriend to be intimate for as long as we want to be...without any discomfort on my end. Plus it gets him (and me!) even more turned on the more wet I feel (thanks lube!) Overall, it's an integral part of our sex life and keeps the passion coming all night."

"I use it mostly for anal and/or sex in the shower, in which case silicone is best. But I hate silicone products. It's nice to use in general, but I feel a little weird whipping it out sometimes unless it can be used as something fun and un-intimidating first, like a massage oil."

"Nope, I don't need it."

"I love lube and use it because I'm generally not wet enough for a long round of sex and I like to go for longer than my natural wetness allows."

"Not anymore! I did at one point in time but turns out it ended up making me drier/I got a weird abrasion that I think was from it. Doctor recommended that I stop using it and now I don't really have any dryness issues and am wary of using lube to force my system into something it's not having."

"Love lube! It's kind of awkward to stop mid doing the deed to apply but it definitely is a game changer."

Much like the stats suggest, the results are a totally mixed bag. It doesn't surprise us to learn that women's experiences with lube vary, because, well, every body is completely different.

To those women who aren't in love with silicone-based products, or have had negative reactions to the lube they've tried, we're a little biased, but we have to recommend Sustain's aloe and water-based organic personal lubricants. No silicone, parabens or glycerin here! Our formula ensures biocompatability with a woman's body chemistry and it nourishes your skin while enhancing sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

Regardless of if you love lube or hate it, you're in good company either way. Overall, we encourage you to be open about talking about your experience so we can get rid of those negative assumptions and stigmas, making it easier for everyone to get out there and #dowhatsnatural.

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