Have you heard of UltraViolet, the badass community devoted to fighting sexism and expanding women’s rights? Well, we’re kind of obsessed with their mission, which is why we were alarmed to learn that media giants, Google, YouTube and Hulu are censoring UltraViolet’s videos that bring up the important women’s health and reproductive rights topic of abortion – something we need to be able to talk about freely.

"This isn't just about freedom of information--with widespread attacks on reproductive freedom in states and the House likely to vote on a 20-week abortion ban, it's important that everyone knows what's at stake." - weareultraviolet.org

Check out the videos below to see for yourself what each of those platforms thinks is worthy of censorship:

This August, we’re taking action – and invite you to join us — by signing the petition to tell Google, Youtube and Hulu to cut it out with the censorship. Click here to take a stand with us and join the movement.

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