It’s something that is generally discussed in hushed tones, if discussed at all. It’s got a million and a half nicknames and double entendres attached to it so that we rarely ever have to call it by its real (and real sterile) name. It’s something almost all of us do, and yet something so few of us know much about. Yes, it’s masturbation. And it’s here to stay, whether your high school “sex ed” teacher who’s actually just the wrestling coach with no formal teaching training likes it or not.

Because female genitalia is so vast and wonderfully complex (but not in the way creepy dudes try to convince you it’s complex to justify why they simply can't make you come), there are many ways to get ourselves off. By no means does a sex toy need to be included in the process—for many women, dry-humping to completion does the trick just fine. That being said, there are plenty of folks with vaginas who like to up the ante a bit with a little (or sometimes big) friend known as the vibrator. Due to the sheer number of different vibrator brands and styles that seem to be popping up left and right as of late, a person’s first trip to vibrator-land can be very overwhelming, however. Here, you’ll find a list of the best vibrators for the buzzing beginner.


  1. For those who want to start small, (c)literally, a great beginner’s vibrator is the Bullet. It’s sleek in design, super discrete if that’s of concern, and very easy to handle. Starting with a toy this size puts you in control and makes it a breeze to feel around downstairs to get a good sense of where the sensations feel best. And while it’s not necessarily the most powerful toy on the market, it makes for an unintimidating introduction to vibrator masturbation.
  2. Dame makes possibly the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing hands-free and hands-on vibrators on the market. Though they were designed with couples in mind, Dame products can work just as well for self-care, too. Paired with a dildo or a finger, Dame vibrators make a great addition to a solo rider’s first time vibing. With your choice of Eva (in lavender or aqua) or Fin (in coral or jade), these lil’ suckers know how to pack a punch, but make it fashion.
  3. Perhaps the most popular shape of vibrator on the market, the Rabbit is a great introduction to vibratory stimulation, seeing as it does pretty much all of the work for you. The Rabbit is what we like to call a dual tool, with appendages that are meant to stimulate multiple parts at once, especially the “G Spot” and the clitoris. Sometimes, the name can turn people off from this toy—who wants to be shoving a cute little bunny where the sun don’t shine?—but the product itself resembles more of a misshapen claw than any cuddly animal. Sexy, right?
  4. The Wand is a great first vibrator for someone who is power-hungry. These vibrators, which are on the bigger side, look rather industrial, but that’s because they are the most powerful vibrators on the market. With lots of room to grip from different angles, this tool gives the masturbatee lots of control over placement and intensity.

Whichever way you choose to masturbate (if you choose to masturbate at all), know that there’s no right or wrong way to get busy with yourself. And while there continue to be so many arenas in daily life that keep women from feeling completely in control, mastubating is the one place where we get to make the rules—whether that means high intensity, low intensity, toys, or no toys. Nothing matters more than you choosing to do whatever makes you feel your best.


Written by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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