Got awe?

Awe is the wellness thing of the moment. You need it. Now. It’s better than spinning or drinking cleansing charcoal. Bonus: It’s free. It’s less obvious than say, love or lust, though they can be related. It's also kind of hard to describe. But get on it, because a sense of wonder is really, really good for you. And by good we mean it can make you healthier plus more generous and awe-inspiring between the sheets.

Here’s the deal. Feeling awe usually just happens. Think about times you have felt it: watching fireworks or fireflies; when first falling in love; when playing with a puppy. Some people feel awe in front of amazing trees, like giant redwoods reaching as high as the sky, or watching a sunset so perfect it inspires silence. Whatever works.

But it doesn’t have to only come on naturally. There are ways to actively seek out and try to create a feeling of awe, and when you do, it opens you up. When your heart is open, all sorts of good things happen—there is a chemical explanation for this, researchers have found—including:

Yes, please.

But back to how it helps in bed, because, well, who doesn’t want that? Awe is about curiosity, about a desire to explore. When you’re in awe of your partner, all of the good feels will be directed towards him or her. These include generosity, adoration, trust. And when you’re feeling that, you’ll want to act it out. (Just do it safely!) Enough said.

Here's some more great news: working awe into your wellness routine may lead to more sex which just leads to more wellness. More sex equals less stress. It’s all connected. And that’s just awe-some.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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