In this week’s version of “You Don’t Want To Put That In Your Vagina,” we have what have colloquially become known as glitter pills. These pills—their full name is Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules—have recently gone viral, and are meant to be inserted into the vagina for aesthetic purposes. This comes in a long list of products that have been pedaled at women by attempting to make us self-conscious of our natural genitalia, making us think that, unless we wash them with fancy soaps and paint them with pretty glitters, our vaginas are dirty and unsuitable for intimacy. Doctors have routinely spoken out against these products and these practices, repeatedly offering the knowledge that vaginas clean themselves, and are more likely to be upset and be made unhealthy with the introduction of outside cleansers—particularly if they have harsh chemicals, scents, dyes, or in this case, glitters. In other words, though you may be going for the “wow factor,” you’re probably going to be stuck with the “ow factor.” For example, products such as these are known to increase the risk of things like yeast infections.

These “intimacy capsules” (creepy name, BTW) are being sold by a company called Pretty Woman Inc., which has done exceptionally well since the product has gone viral. The capsules are meant to be inserted into the vagina an hour before sex, as they later release a “candy-scented” blast of glitter, making sex “magically delicious.” Hmmm. My eyebrows are rising faster than I can type.



While gynecologists like Dr. Jen Gunter from Canada have likened the possible side effects from these pills to “vaginal sunburn,” the creator of the product, Lola-Butterflie Von-Kerius (I know), claims that all ingredients are FDA-approved and totally safe. She says that this product is no more harmful than glittery lip gloss—to which Dr. Gunter explained that “just because something is safe for your lips, for example glitter gloss, doesn’t mean it’s safe for the vagina.” A fair point from the doc.

There are, however, some women who have used the product and swear by its ability to make sex more exciting. The bottom line? Your vagina is perfectly exciting and worthy of love on its own—with or without glitter or fancy soaps—but it’s your body, and if you want to secrete glitter, then it’s your choice to try. Whether you go for the glitteris or you stick with the good ol' fashioned clitoris, remaining informed is key.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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