We’re sure it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is our favorite holiday around here. What’s not to love? It’s a celebration of human connection in its strongest form, whether it’s romantic, platonic, fleeting, or forever… and okay, yes, a way to sell cards and candy, but we choose to be the optimists in this situation! To put it simply (and perhaps less dramatically), Valentine’s Day is a way to show someone (or yourself!) that you care. This doesn’t have to be through gifts, of course, but if you’re looking for something to make their day extra special, we’ve got you covered. 

For the budding environmentalist 

Leaf shave plastic-free razor 

Sometimes switching to a new sustainable product can feel like an adjustment, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to this plastic-free razor.  Outfitted with a pivoting head so you don’t miss any spots, and an applicator that holds between 1-3 razors (so you can adjust the closeness of the shave), this razor works well on all skin types, so your silky smooth partner will not only feel good about their softly shaved skin, but will have peace of mind knowing they’re using a thoughtfully made, eco-friendly product. 


For the world traveler

Ursa Major all-star travel kit 

Perhaps your special someone is always hopping from one location to the next, sending you sweet postcards (or calling you to say hi at 3am, forgetting the time difference). Treat this jetsetter to a skincare on-the-go set that includes travel size face wash, refreshing face wipes, natural deodorant, and nourishing recovery cream, so your wanderlust-loving sweetheart can keep up their skin routine while traveling the world.

For someone who is scent-sational

Good Chemistry Eau de Parfum

Some people just always smell good. You know the ones, right? They always smell like a *hint* of something familiar, but it’s never overpowering. This is your opportunity to add to their collection, with a scent that will always remind them of you. The Good Chemistry scent is: A. Perfectly named, B. Highly Rated, and C. Has soothing fragrance notes of magnolia. How delightful! 

For the partner who still isn’t drinking enough water, despite your gentle suggestions

Grove’s silicon & glass water bottle

We all know that boyfriend, or girlfriend, or best friend, or worst enemy that is *never* drinking enough water. You know this, because they bring it up a lot. From the office to the gym to their bedside table, their life is missing a crucial sidekick: the glass water bottle. This is your chance to save the day with this sleek, environmentally conscious 24 oz water bottle. This bottle is made with sustainable materials and will keep your honey hydrated allllll day long. 

For the couple that loves to get intimate

Sustain’s good time bundle

You know that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie goes on her first date with Mr. Big, and instead of going to dinner they have passionate sex on his sprawling bedroom floor? That’s what this bundle is for— when you’ve made dinner reservations, but know you’ll be eating takeout in bed together instead. This bundle comes with natural, ultra thin condoms and unscented, water-based lube that glides on and doesn’t stick. Enjoy this after-dinner-but-actually-before treat! 

For someone who deserves to be pampered 

Salt by Hendrix plump it up gift set

Perhaps your hardworking sweetie rarely takes time to treat themselves to a little rest and relaxation. Maybe you try to encourage them, but they take “relaxing” to mean scrolling through Twitter in bed. Help them make time to actually relax by gifting them some at-home spa treats, including moisturizing oil, facial serum, and a rose quartz Gua Sha face sculpting tool. These products will allow your busy bee to take 5 minutes a day just for themselves, so they can enjoy a mini facial without booking an expensive spa appointment.

For the natural interior decorator

Grove glazed ceramic coasters set

Some of us simply have a natural gift for curating a warm, eclectic, homey space. Perhaps your loved one always has fresh flowers in the kitchen, an array of well-placed tickets from their travel abroad, and somehow always manages to keep their space clean. For this taste maker, gift them hand painted, ceramic coasters that will look chic in any room in the house. They need something to put under their french press coffee and loose-leaf tea, right? The coasters come in 4 different colors and are made with recycled-clay. Now you can say you helped curate the space (or, okay, at least contributed to it!).

Is there anything we missed? Add it in the comments below!

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