It’s Earth Month and that means Earth Day is coming right up. Even if you’re the sort of person who thinks Earth Day is every day, chances are you’re looking for a way to celebrate.

We have a great idea: Have (safe) sex.

Yeah, we know, there’s nothing traditionally sexy about population control. Unless you find strong women who plan their families if and when they want them hot. Which we clearly think is smokin!

Because here’s the thing: family planning has a huge impact on climate change. It reduces the amount of people on the planet. Smaller families, in turn, are easier to feed, which reduces hunger, economic inequality, and poverty, especially for women. This results in a more sustainable future overall. It’s all interrelated—a system.

Slowing global climate change depends on so many things like alternative energy and increased investment in mass transportation. Family planning is equally critical. And when was the last time you celebrated Earth Day by doing your part in reducing C02 emissions in bed?

So go on and save the planet as many times as you want—today, this month, this year. All it takes is a condom (and maybe some lube--shop now!). Bonus: You’ll also be protecting yourself from sexually transmitted disease.

Who knew being a treehugging earth warrior(ess) could be so much fun?

Earth Day checklist

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