Why does a brand need a blog? We make sexual wellness products, it’s not like we’re writers. Well, actually, some of us have written more than a few books on sustainability. And also, because we’re over-the-top dedicated to doing business differently and we truly believe sustainably-produced Fair Trade condoms can change the world, we have a lot to say.

Our plan is to use this space to talk about sex (obviously), contraception, the media, girl power, reproductive health care, STDs, Obamacare, pubic hair styles, the latest TV show (and why you never see condoms on it), and pretty much anything taboo. Women not having orgasms from sex alone, the perplexing decline of condom use, overpopulation’s role in climate change—we’ll cover it all, in an open way. If our musings here inspire anyone else—especially young women—to get more comfortable speaking freely about sex, all the better. If we manage to make some complicated information a little more easy to digest, fantastic. We want this to be real.

We’ll share lists of what’s on our mind, hilarious apps, infuriating politics. And we’re probably going to mention some stuff you’d rather not hear, like, did you know 25 percent of first year college students get an STD? Or 80 percent of single, sexually active women don’t use condoms? We’re bringing it up so we can work together to fix these problems. Sure, it’s fun to read about 10 ways to perfect your blow job—and get reciprocity. But it’s also critical to read about carcinogens in condoms.

We won’t shy away from stuff people don’t always want to talk about. In talking about it, we can make the unsexy part of sex a little sexier. Because life isn’t just sex, but sex is a part of life. And not all sex is great sex. We want to make the awkward conversations less awkward. This isn’t a one way thing. We want to hear from you, real back and forth. Because that is the meaning of in-ter-course. Well, one of the meanings, anyway.

Think of our blog as a long term relationship with good sex. And read on.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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