As you can imagine, a lot of things change after giving birth, your period being one of them. And, as with most things vagina-related, the specific details vary slightly from person to person; the agreed-upon verdict, however, is that it will definitely be different because of changes in hormonal production and function. For example, because of prolactin (the hormone that produces breast milk), women who choose to breastfeed will typically experience a longer time in between pregnancy and their first period. Turns out, producing breast milk suppresses reproductive hormones that lead to ovulation and usually menstruation.

The first period post-pregnancy will likely be different than a normal period because your body is once again getting used to menstruating. Generally, women can expect a heavier flow, more cramping, some blood clots, and even a flow that seems kind of stop-and-go. For some women, the first post-pregnancy period is akin to an avalanche. Yikes.

Using tampons immediately after a vaginal birth is often discouraged, as it can lead to vaginal trauma while your body continues to recover, and using tampons in general may take a while to feel normal again. Outside of the actual period, your body will likely continue shedding some of the tissue that was being used to line your uterus during pregnancy. As time passes, that vaginal output will likely turn into what’s known as lochia, a form of discharge, that is clear or creamy. This discharge may continue for several weeks. All in all, your reproductive organs are recovering from a major shift and readjusting to life as it was pre-pregnancy, so changes are certainly to be expected. That being said, as usual there are some things to watch out for that, if ignored, could become more serious.

According to HealthLine, you should call your doctor if:

-You are soaking through more than one pad or tampon every hour

-You experience bleeding that’s accompanied by sudden and severe pain

a sudden fever

-You are bleeding continuously for more than seven days

 No matter what your post-pregnancy period experience may look and feel like, Sustain femcare products are here to keep you and your healing body safe and protected. 



Written by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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