A lot of people look at the back of our packaging and ask us, “What’s a B-Corp?” so; we figured it’d be worthwhile to take a moment to break it down.

B-Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. The ultimate idea behind B-Corp is to create better businesses - businesses that are better for workers, for the community, and for the environment. We think of B-Corp certification as the best and only standard consumers can depend upon when they want to support a responsible business. To receive certification a company has to answer hundreds of questions that B-Corp will often independently verify.

Warby Parker? Seventh Generation? Patagonia? Heard of them? Yeah, they’re all B-Corps. There are actually over 1,000 Certified B-Corps in the world, which means there are over 1,000 businesses committed to solving the environmental, social, and economic issues our world faces. In founding Sustain, we made it a top priority to create a model that was B-Corp certifiable and earlier this year; we were certified.

Incorporating as a B-Corporation is a new legal standard that imposes unique requirements on a business. It requires that the Board of Directors of the business not only take into account profits when they make a decision, but proactively consider the environment, the community, workers and even future generations.

“Over a decade ago when B-Corp was getting started, we decided that Seventh Generation would become one of the first companies in America to become a B-Corp. Sustain is proud to continue this tradition and support the single best institution that the world of corporate responsibility has,” said Jeffrey Hollender, the CEO and Founder of Sustain.

Why is this idea of better business important to us?

At Sustain, we don’t just want to sell condoms (well, we do, but we’re about so much more). We want to educate people about, not only healthy sexual practices, but also why maintaining the health of our environment and our communities is critical. We believe that business plays a large part in moving towards a more sustainable future. B-Corp is attempting to re-define success in business - not simply in monetary terms, but in terms of sustainability, equality, awareness, and justice. Sounds like a pretty great group, right?

In a world so greatly interconnected, it’s essential for businesses to do its part in addressing some of the larger issues facing our global communities: poverty, health care and climate change. So no, we don’t want you to think about poverty and climate change right before you’re about to…you know, but we do want you to understand why we’re thinking about all those things as we build Sustain.

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