In our Summer Sex Surveywe asked Sustain customers to tell us everything under the sun about their sex lives. Naturally, we asked people to write-in what their favorite sex position is.  Almost 2,000 people responded, and by a long shot, the winning position is (drum-roll please):

🐶🐶🐶Doggy Style!!! 🐶🐶🐶

This is consistent with other research on sex positions. According to an study of Google data, doggy style is the most searched for position in the US. It’s also popular amongst our furrier animal friends, in case it wasn’t obvious where the name came from.

Why is this position such a fan favorite? We went to an expert to find out. “The biggest benefit to doggy-style is that there's a lot of access to erogenous zones in this position!” certified sex coach Myisha Battle told us. “Penetration in doggy-style can feel amazing for folks with vaginas because there's increased contact with the G-spot which is located a couple inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall. In this position both parties can easily provide clitoral stimulation if they want (hint: they do), and the receiver can offer their partner stimulation by reaching back and stroking their genitals and perineum too.”

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of positions that provide easy access to the clit! As we’ve gone over before, almost 80% of women can only orgasm with some form of clitoral stimulation. 

One watch out for people new to doggy style? Because it allows for deeper penetration, some people might experience pain if their partner’s penis hits their cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that connects with the vaginal canal. It is very sensitive, and some vagina-having folks experience deep, sharp, pain if their partner comes in contact with it during sex.

But fear not! If this has happened to you, there are adjustments you can make. “People don't talk about this much, but doggy-style is a really versatile position that the receiver can have a lot of control over. The receiver can control the depth and angle of penetration by spreading or closing their legs and adjusting whether they are on hands and knees or forearms and knees. It's one of the few positions where micro-adjustments can provide big pay-off,” says Battle.

Are you a fan of doggy-style but looking for a little variety in your routine? Turn it sideways. “It's basically a spooning position where the penetrating partner is behind the receiver. You'll get all of the benefits of targeting sensitive areas and flexibility to adjust without as much physical strain. It can be an intensely intimate position,” says Battle.

Thinking of having sex? Don't forget condoms!

Myisha Battle is a certified sex coach who runs the sex-positive podcast Down For Whatever. Visit her at

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