It’s high time for some self love. If you’re not already masturbating, take this as a call to arms.

And chances are you are already doing you because, according to Planned Parenthood, masturbation is common. Studies show that more than 5 out of 10 adult women masturbate (and out of ten adult men).

Beyond feeling great, masturbating, like sex, is good for you—both mentally as well as physically. It’s actually like a wonder wellness boost you for sure should add to your routine as much as you want to. Here are just a few of masturbating’s many benefits:

  1. Relieves sexual tension
  2. Reduces stress, improves sleep
  3. Triggers relaxation
  4. Makes you feel comfortable with and good about your body and how it functions
  5. Increases the capacity for orgasm
  6. Brings pleasure with no risk of STDs or pregnancy

Also? And this one is key: masturbation helps educate you about what you like sexually. When you know your pleasure, your pressure points, what puts you over the edge, you’re more likely to achieve similar stimulation when with a partner. Being in touch with your sexuality and knowing how you personally achieve orgasm when you’re alone translates well to when you’re not alone. If you’d like some company.

Considering all of this goodness, masturbation is oddly surrounded by all sorts of stigma. It’s not exactly the kind of thing people talk about comfortably. And while it’s the rare thinking person who actually believes touching herself can lead to blindness, there’s still an overall taboo feeling about jerking off. Planned Parenthood says approximately 50 percent of women and 50 percent of men who masturbate feel guilty about it. Time to break off those chains and learn by touch.

There are so many more positives to masturbation, and there’s no health risk, so get on it. However you want to do it—low or high tech, porn or no porn—it’s all good. Just remember to keep your toys clean and your lube on hand.

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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