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Condoms That Give A F*CK

Did you know 70% of women feel ashamed when buying condoms? And only 24% of sexually active women actually use condoms? Screw that. Sustain makes sustainable condoms you can feel proud to buy. #GAF


Give a fuck. Stand up for yourself. Your body. Your right to a healthy sex life.

Give a fuck about what goes into your vagina. Give a fuck about all vaginas. Give a fuck about sexual equality.

Give a fuck about sex education. Women’s reproductive rights. Give a fuck about slut-shaming, by shaming it out of existence. Give a fuck that society shames you from buying condoms, by buying condoms that give a fuck about you. That prioritize your needs, your health and you feel fucking proud to buy.

Give a fuck about where your products come from. About the people who make them. That their work conditions are safe and their pay is fair as fuck. Give a fuck about the most important woman of all. Your mother. The Earth.

And don’t fuck with anyone who doesn’t give a fuck about you. We started Sustain because we have a lot of fucks to give. From what goes inside your vagina to the planet we all share, and every reproductive right in between. When you choose sustain, you’re not just buying a better, healthier condom, you’re showing that you give a fuck too. And we’re not going to stop until female sexuality is equal AF.



      Our latex has 75% lower protein levels, which means our condoms are less likely to cause irritation.


      These chemicals of concern are found in most condoms (yuck), and we don't think they have any business being in your vagina.


      Every single condom is electronically tested for safety and FDA approved.


    Because no matter what they taught us in sex ed, the majority aren’t shaped like bananas.

    • Tailored Fit

      Smaller at the base for extra stay-in-place security no matter how heated the action gets. Lubricated inside and out.

    • Ultra Thin

      Provides a heightened sexual experience (thinner latex) with no compromise on safety (triple tested). Lubricated inside and out.

    • Comfort Fit

      A tapered base that’s wider towards the tip for a secure fit (think: RingPop), allowing for greater freedom of movement. Lubricated inside and out.

    • Extra Large

      Our biggest size yet (5% larger!). Bonus: this one is ribbed and studded for texture and extra stimulation. Lubricated inside and out.


    Try your condoms at zero risk and we'll take care of the rest.


      Get your new condoms quickly delivered straight to your door with no extra fees. Always.


      We trust you'll love your new condoms, but if not, we'll get that money right back on your card.

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    We want you to have all the answers you need before you purchase.

    • How does Sustain test its condoms for quality?

      We’re serious about quality control. We do our own testing. Condoms are actually controlled by the FDA as a Class II medical device, which is meant to ensure that all condoms sold in the U.S. perform to particular performance standards. All of our condoms are electronically tested to seek out holes or areas of thinning and to ensure quality and performance. Selected condoms are tested through two other means.

    • Is it safe for me to use lube with Sustain condoms?

      Yes! Lube is a good thing. But don’t go getting creative in the kitchen; water- and silicone-based lube is one thing, but certain oils can mess with the latex. And that’s a bad thing.

    • What size should I get?

      It can be stressful to figure this out. Whatever condom type you prefer, we’ve got you covered. People come in all shapes and sizes, so we have several fits plus an Ultra Thin option to satisfy everyone. The most common complaint women report is that condoms fall off during sex. Why? People upsize, buying condoms that are too big for them or their partners. It turns out only 10 to 15 percent of the population actually requires a roomier fit (and if that's you or your man our XL has you covered). To be safe, purchase the right fit. If you need any help choosing between our 4 sizes, contact us below!

    • How are Sustain condoms different from other condoms?

      All of our condoms are free of chemicals of concern that can be used in things like fragrance and spermicide. They’re also made of latex from one of the most sustainable rubber plantations on the planet, and manufactured in an award-winning environmental factory. We’ve reduced the latex protein level because it can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Sustain condoms are also third party certified Fair Trade and vegan. Sustainable means the way the rubber is grown and manufactured is gentler on the earth. Sustainable also means the people who grow and manufacture our latex are paid a living wage and work reasonable hours—and no child labor, ever.

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