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    Certified organic ingredients because your body deserves the best.


    Free of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and irritating SLS ingredients.


    All our personal care products are made right here in the USA.


  • Finally! - Sarah I.

    I've been looking for a vulva friendly body wash for years because I didn't want to give in to buying multiple products, and I don't really trust brands like Summers Eve because of all the ingredients in their products. This body wash is thin and oil-based, and the citrus + ginger fragrance is super yummy.

  • Perfect body balm! - Andrea H.

    I received by balm in the mail yesterday. The cold winter has dried my lips out and I already feel relief. I liked that it's a bit bigger than the chap sticks I have, and I like that I can use it on my lips and other dry areas. I would recommend this to any friends.

  • Oil Me Up! - Sarah G.

    My partner and I just started exploring using massage oil in our foreplay routine and we're OBSESSED with this! It's super fun to use and the citrus and ginger smells amazing!

  • Press

    "If you religiously read the ingredient list on everything—from your almond butter to your body wash—why should sexual wellness products be any different?"

    Well & Good
  • Press

    "Sustain is on a mission to make sure women (and men, for that matter) are more informed—about their bodies, about sex, about the ingredients in pads and tampons—and in an effort to do so, shared some important points, ahead."

    The Coveteur
  • Press

    "This brand is a very cool women-founded sexual wellness brand that sells 100% organic condoms, lube, tampons, and more, which is awesome, because the latex, preservatives, and other crud found in most mainstream brands are not vagina-friendly."


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