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    100% organic cotton is safe for your body and better for the planet.


    Our super-thin gusset prevents leaks. No more stained pants or bedsheets!


    Breathable, stretchy cotton moves and feels just like your favorite pair of underwear.


  • COrganic Cotton
  • RReusable
  • CMade In Canada
  • SSustainably Made
  • LLeak Proof


Body: 95% Cotton / Organic Cotton and 5% Spandex. Lining: Polyurethane laminate topped with 100% Organic Cotton.



  • Britney C. - Super Comfy!

    The underwear are super soft and comfortable. They feel just like normal underwear and aren't bulky at all! Most importantly, they WORK! I have a lighter flow, and was able to wear the underwear with no other product. They were leak-free, absorbent, and I forgot I was even wearing them!

  • Lila H. - Never Going Back!

    Just tried the period underwear for the first time & I am 100% converted! I used them with a tampon for the first few days of my period & just the undies for lighter days. At first I was worried about leaks but it wasn’t an issue at all. Plus I love that I am contributing less waste during my period! Definitely recommending these to all my friends.

  • Monica J. - No leaks!

    I'm so happy I found these! I've been wanting to try period underwear but was nervous about leaks. Then I saw Sustain came out with these and I was so excited. Needless to say they are leak-free and I'm so happy!

  • Press

    "Sustain is on a mission to make sure women (and men, for that matter) are more informed--about their bodies, about sex, about the ingredients in pads and tampons--and in an effort to do so, shared some important points, ahead."

    The Coveteur
  • Press

    "This brand is a very cool women-founded sexual wellness brand that sells 100% organic condoms, lube, tampons, and more, which is awesome, because the latex, preservatives, and other crud found in most mainstream brands are not vagina-friendly." 

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