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  • Better for You & the Planet

    100% organic cotton & compact bio-plastic applicators (plant-based + recyclable.)

  • Superior Leak Protection

    Bleed easy knowing our Tampons, Pads & liners will keep you leak free. We’ve got you covered.

  • Vagina Friendly

    Hypoallergenic & pH compatible. No Harmful Chemicals, Dyes, or Fragrances ever.


  • FFDA Cleared
  • OOrganic Cotton
  • LLeak Free
  • HHypoallergenic
  • CCompact Applicator


100% Organic Cotton


The FDA does not require menstrual hygiene product manufacturers to disclose ingredients or conduct testing to determine their products’ long-term effects on our bodies. At Sustain, we hold ourselves to higher standards.


  • Jennifer D. - Love this Subscription Service

    I was always scrambling to find the "natural" tampons at my local stores and having to run out at the last minute to get more. I love having my tampons delivered, ready and waiting when I need them. I am very satisfied and will recommend to others!

  • Erika S. - Great!

    I’ve been very happy with my purchase. Came quickly and packaged in a cute humorous box. Glad I made the switch! My biggest concerns about tampons have been solved. I feel safe and won’t have to run to the store last minute for a box of tampons again. Fantastic convenience of having them delivered monthly.

  • Keri H. - Love them!

    I loved the tampons. A big thing for me is the applicator. I don't like using cardboard because it can be so difficult to get the tampon to come out of but hate all the waste of plastic ones! This is a perfect balance and I highly recommend them to all my female friends now!

  • Press

    "Sustain is on a mission to make sure women (and men, for that matter) are more informed—about their bodies, about sex, about the ingredients in pads and tampons—and in an effort to do so, shared some important points, ahead." 

    The Coveteur
  • Press

    "Sustain produces vagina-friendly products like tampons, condoms, and lube without parabens, animal by-products, synthetic fragrances, or harmful chemicals." 

  • Press

    "This brand is a very cool women-founded sexual wellness brand that sells 100% organic condoms, lube, tampons, and more, which is awesome, because the latex, preservatives, and other crud found in most mainstream brands are not vagina-friendly." 


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